The Astronomer

I want to know each star within the galaxy
Of you, to measure its coordinates and map
Its place amidst the whole, then calculate degree
Of luminosity by noting every gap.

I want to learn the constellations you have found,
To see your sky as through your eyes, then offer you
My own interpretation of the chart. Not bound
To your perspective, I can show you you anew.

I want to watch the slow and swirling dance unfold
Across the span of time, to spot the patterns in
Your lights so I can also track the changes told
By shifting stars: some reignite while others dim.

I want to spiral in and reach your very heart,
To slip between your arms and come to rest at last,
To rearrange your gravity with my soul’s mass,
Fixed at your center, now, the one unmoving part.

~Elena Nola, May 2023

Published by

Elena Wolf

Elena Wolf - or Elena Nola, for poetry - is an MBTI type alignment mentor, relationship coach, and Norse-tradition shaman. In 2005 she received her B.A. in English and Plan II from the University of Texas at Austin, and in fall 2020 completed a year-long training as a 4 People Within mentor. Around that same time she began training in shamanic facilitation with Dr. Dario Nardi and has been running journey groups on her own since summer of 2021. You can read more about her professional work at Her poetry can be found at

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