About My Poetry

INTJ female, enneagram 7, Aquarius with a Gemini moon…

Calamitously precise

Air, then fire. But no matter how fiery I can be, the tapestry of my mind is the sky. So air.

Choose beauty. Choose connection. Choose love. Choose motion. Choose life…it’s elementary, really.

“You know the magic of words, but there’s something very real and solid behind your words.”

“You think in terms of collections.”

“It’s shocking the soulful emotional side of you coexists with this automatic analytical rigor.”

“The emotions are a little more shocking to me. Kind of like touching a live wire, you just get a taste of the energy, but it’s intense.”

“I find your writing to have a lot of emotion. It doesn’t have to be immediate or actionable to still be your emotions. I’d say that’s often what writing is. Looking back and parsing out the emotions we felt. Immediate emotion can be less complicated to communicate, but it’s almost a cop-out sometimes, compared to thought-out pulling apart.”

“You have a wild soul. It’s impossible to love you without getting a few claw marks.”

I am a fractal…I have as much variety of style and form within poetry as I do with writing in general, and…I dunno. I am words and words are me. I’m some kind of blue electric angel except like, smudged ink soul of words unwritten or something.

Literal descriptions of my lived experiences aren’t something I would wish to publicly own, aesthetically, even aside from the privacy factor. It needs an allegorical/metaphorical remove, a dreamier and more visual frame, a hint of something wild or perhaps magic. So that seems to be what I want to be, in writing: wild, magical, dreamy, lush visuals, and dripping with either honey or black poison…but not mundane and direct depictions of life events.

Transmundane: reaching beyond or existing outside the physical or visible world.

Inscape: the unique essence or inner nature of a person, place, thing or event, especially depicted in poetry or a work of art.